This Glossary is a collection of terms in alphabetical order with meanings, thoughts and connections; it is a dynamic tool, whose first contents were formulated in the Research week -phase 1- New meanings and points of view will be continuously created and new keywords will appear. It is a flexible and changing Glossary, and maps the discourse of the current project “Symbolic Actions for Our Present”.

The contributions are mostly published in their original language and document our work processes, the connected meetings, conversations etc. This Glossary doesn’t aim to communicate static impacts or to hold on to those, but stands out by providing contradictory, repetitive and questioning statements ; the contribution coordinates are changing continuously and thus reflect the complexity of our research field and our collaboration.

One probably has the possibility to practice a lot by reading and looking for content in this Glossary. What is the content like, where is it? Each statement works as a preface for the following one, there might be only prefaces, with the wish to become something else. The glossary is collecting and opening up. Well, this should be enough for now to enable working with it.