01. - 03.12.2011

Wednesday 01.12.2011 

7 pm
Presentation of the projects with Brave New Alps, Jacopo Candotti, Helmut Heiss, Eva Mair, Maja Malina, Katherina Putzer
Inauguration of the Commontheke

Friday 02.12.2011 


Measuring public and common

Workshop run by Andrea Mubi Brighenti and Pierangelo Schiera (Trento)

What does measuring public and common mean? In this workshop we will invite the participants to reflect on the demands of “publicity” and “communality” which come up in our daily lives and in our collective claims. We would like to invite those taking part to try and visualize the moments and ways in which we feel the experience of being in public, of being in common.
> Sign up by 29.11.2011 at the address


Is the city a common good?
Conference by Pierangelo Schiera (Trento)

Is the city a right?
Conference by Maria Chiara Tosi (Venice)

The city with its fabric of collective spaces and its changing organization is the terrain on which new and old rights of citizenship can form. Amongst these there is the right to a comfortable, salubrious and safe space which exerts a significant influence on the quality of our daily life, on the growth of inequality and on the possibility of people from different backgrounds living together.
> Introduction and chair: Andrea Mubi Brighenti / a discussion will follow.

Saturday 03.12.2011

Bene comune, commons, community?
A walk through the Gries district in the company of: Katherina Longariva, blufink (Bolzano)
contribution by: Franceso Minora, professionaldreamers (Trento)
> meeting point: Piazza Mazzini (in front of the RAI)

What experiences does our city offer us and how do we experience them? What are public goods, common goods and how do they influence our way of living together? What imprint does private property make on our existence? The walk we are proposing aims to urge participants to have a discussion by inviting them to observe a district from a new point of view. Is it possible to think about human beings living together beyond the limitations of private property? How could this living together be achieved? What kind of places favour it? With our action we are inviting you to explore and experiment together different forms of living together.